Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Well, the Christmas Workshop went very well. This being my first workshop, I put the girls to the challenge with 5 full hours of paper crafting and I'd say they did a great job. The girls completed all the projects except for 2 Christmas cards and a thank you card. No problem, I will stamp and set up the kits later this week and deliver them too. This is the cutest Thank you card. I borrowed this stamp set and die made by Papertray from my friend DiAnn. Can't wait to get it back from her again to make more cards.

WOW, did I have fun wrapping these presents.

This Saturday, I'm having a Christmas Dinner Party and we are going to play the Chinese Gift Exchange game. Never done it before, but it sounds fun. Each couple or single guest will bring a gift very nicely wrapped to entice people to choose their gift for the game. Oh, I so want to pick mine.

The smaller of the 2 gifts is for the party and the other is a wedding present for my uncle and his soon to be bride.

I so wish I had a new camera, maybe Santa will bring one......


  1. Great card, you can borrow again. Sneak peak at the present for Saturday! See you

  2. These are too pretty to open!

    I wrapped my gift for our Chinese Christmas gift exchange at work in an 11"x17" engineering drawing and stuck an orange rubber band on top for a bow. We'll see if my ugly package intrigues the engineers to choose it over all the rest.


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