Saturday, December 18, 2010

Funny how when you do paper crafting people come up with the strangest ideas for things for you to decorate. This morning at breakfast with my parents, my mother asked me if I could put some ribbon on this Coca Cola Bottle that she bought for her friend for Christmas. A Coca Cola bottle, well I'm up for the challenge.

Now, if your like me I just can't stop at ribbon. I had a vision for this bottle and the more stuff added to it the merrier..... It was like I was possessed or something. First the liquid applique around the Santa image, I was so nervous that I was going to destroy the bottle when I added the heat, I called my mom to ask where she had bought the thing from. Walmart, ok I'm safe. Amazingly, the heat gun didn't even affect this bottle, big relief. Then the ribbon and lots of frabri-tac. I didn't have a nice red ribbon so I recycled a ribbon my friend used on a canister of rum balls I got for Christmas. Thanks, DiAnn, you're a life saver. Next the tag, lots of glitter, stickles and Diamond Dust and of course some influence from Tim Holtz. The final result a decorated Coca Cola Bottle, and now, I'm wondering if my mom's friend will even be able to drink it. Good luck.

One more thing, do you see what I see? Maybe something or maybe nothing, its all up to you.

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  1. The ribbon looks good, better to reuse than throw. Is there really coke in it? It looks like an ornament?? Very pretty


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