Monday, December 13, 2010

A quick blog this morning to show everyone the status of my new craft room. Sorry about the picture quality, my temp camera is on its way out as soon as my new one arrives via priority mail. Santa is coming early this year. Last Friday night when I got home from work, my father-in-law/private cabinet maker called me with the exciting news that he was on his way with the lower cabinets. Woohoo!!! I was doing the happy dance around my house.

I had placed a temporary folding table in my room for my everyday supplies which had to be moved to the center of the room during installation.

Just love the cabinets....Now, the cabinets aren't completely done, but they are here!!!!!That night I quickly stashed my goodies on the shelves and moved some stuff around so I could get rid of the folding table. Especially since I needed it for the dinner party I was planning for Saturday.

Look at all this room...As I started filling up the shelves I began to wonder, "Will you have enough room for all your stuff?" I will definitely have to do some consolidating.

Next to be installed is the pantry style cabinet and the upper cabinet, then the doors. Have a great day.


  1. It is a great room :) The ultimate craft area :) woo hoo!

  2. Who would have thought when you started working on the craft room that you'd be wondering before it was completed whether everything would fit! I think we need to add a clubhouse at Pebble Creek with rooms with locking cupboards. We could each have our own back-up storage area. Then we could all collect even more goodies!!


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