Tuesday, July 31, 2012

August 2012 SOTM Blog Hop "Baroque Borders"


I thought I was excited to go to Convention, but now I'm even more excited to work with all this amazing new product......So here we go....This month's featured stamp set is "Baroque Borders" S1208 and it's fabulous!.  If you are coming here from Debra Van Patten's Blog you're on the right path.....and if you get lost along the way go to Helen Onulak's Blog for a full list of hoppers.

While preparing for Extravaganza I needed pictures and lots of them, so I asked my brother for pictures from his wedding last August....and I've decided to make a gift package for him and his new Wife for Christmas with his pictures. The wedding colors were black, grey and red.
 I found this canvas picture frame at Micheal's and with a 50% off coupon I stole it for $1.50, I love a great deal!
The canvas is stamped with CTMH's new mini pigment inks.  Pigment inks are the best for embossing and that's what I've done here.  First I stamped the background image with the new color "Slate" and black.  I inked up the stamp with the slate color then dabbed the stamp randomly with the black along the edges.  Once stamped I added clear embossing powder and set.  For the flourish I used the new color "Ruby" and repeated the same process.  After the flourish was set, I filled in the un-embossed areas with black ink and distressed the edges with black ink.  The project was decorated with Opaques Adhesive Gems "Licorice".
 As a final touch I added a chunky charm I made with some bits and pieces I had laying around.  Helpful Hint:  Don't forget to pick up a few of the new Stamp Scrubbers.....I have 3 of them....one for dye ink, one for pigment ink and one for staz on.

Now "Hop" on over to  LeAnne Dudley's Blog and see her work!  Thanks for stopping by :)

Blog Candy Giveaway Starts TODAY!

I've returned from Convention yet again rejuvenated and ready to build, my team, my supplies and my BLOG.  I want to share my high spirits with everyone and NOW.  How you ask?  Well its easy. 

This is what you have to do to get in on it?
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Simple enough, huh?  Blog Candy PROMO will run from today until August 31st.   Blog Candy Bundle will be displayed within the next few days.  I can tell you this......it will be a value of $100.00 in scrapbooking supplies.

***************************RULES AND DISCLAIMERS****************************
I will be posting this blog candy event post starting today and once each week until August 31st.  Then I will take all the persons names who left comments, who linked my blog, all new followers who left comments and those who joined my team and place those names in basket for my husband to draw from.  High tech isn't it?   Please don't enter more than once.  If you win and your email is in your profile, I will contact you to get your mailing address. Otherwise, come back here on September 3rd to see who won the blog candy and email me if you are the winner, so I can ship your goodies to you.
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***New team members, Cricut Artiste Collection will only be provided after your three month qualifying reporting period ends.

Good luck.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fifth and Final Album Contest Layout

This is the final layout submitted for the album contest, and actually it was the first layout that I completed.  I had seen these pre-printed canvas layouts at a scrapbook store in Orlando and the wheels started turning.  I love stamping on canvas.  My mom is an artist and has tons of canvas laying around so I went to her studio and grabbed a roll.
The base of the layout (white part) is the canvas.  I embossed the Fleur de lif on a separate piece of canvas with black embossing powder, cut each piece out and popped them up on the layout, then adding an assortment of buttons with black waxy flax.
Each square is 2x2 inches of an assortment of coordinating B&T paper, positioned to create a quilt, then popping up every other piece to add more dimension.
Here is the second page....now that I had created this layout before the rules were provided I had left the photo area empty while I finished the layout.  I knew I wanted butterflies on the layout so I made several butterflies in different sizes and colors with the CTMH Cricut AP cartridge, adding wire for the antennas.
My friend has an embroidery machine, so off I went with more pieces of canvas to her house and learned how to embroider, that was fun!  I embroidered the title on two separate pieces of canvas, first "Release your inner hero, the possibilities" and the second "are endless".  I then cut the canvas and adhered them to cardboard and popped them up on the layout.
I hand stitched, stamped and formed each flower from an assortment of CTMH ribbon, adding buttons to the center of the flowers.
I had planted flowers in my garden earlier in the spring and they were now ready for my layout.  My friend Rachel came over and took the picture of me holding the butterflies. Off to Walgreens I went for one photo development, came home and placed the picture on the layout, then adding the butterflies I had made so it looked like more were fluttering from my hands.
Here's a close up of the ribbon flowers.  I hope you have enjoyed the layouts.  Coming soon will be the Extravaganza presentation and artwork, with complete technique tutorials.  Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Layout Four CTMH Album Contest

Such a late post today, I've been so busy since I've been back....that is with work!  Hard to believe being gone for 5 days can put you behind weeks.....anyways, this is the forth layout and I dedicated this one to my beloved Jasmine Marie.  Jasmine was my greatest love in my life for many years.  Funny how we came together, my deceased husband was an alcoholic and one day when I came home from work, he said he was getting a dog....what?  I could barely keep up with him and now he wanted a dog?  One more thing for me to take care of?  Well I lost that discussion and off we drove 60 miles from home to pick out his dog....when we arrived, I was told by the breeder to let the dog pick you, well, Jasmine ran right up to me....she wrapped her front paws around my neck and hugged me so....and I fell in love.  Needless to say Jasmine loved me from the beginning and the feeling was mutual.  We only had Jasmine 13 months when Eddie died.  It was just the two of us facing this great big world together.  Jasmine was my shoulder to cry on, the one I leaned on, and the one that was by my side for years to come. Jasmine is the big doggy here, she was a German Rottweiler and the biggest baby in the world and she was mine.  Last October I went on a Tim Holtz Caribbean cruise for 8 days and Jasmine stayed at home with my hubby, Todd and my mom came during the day to babysit. Jasmine was grandma's favorite....Just before I left, mom and I sat in the house and played with Jasmine and her sister Reese (a miniature black and tan dachshund) and we took these amazing pictures of them together.  I returned from my trip on Sunday afternoon and I thought all was well.  Jasmine had walked with a limp for the past 5 years, the vet said it was probably arthritis, a common condition in this breed.  Later that night, the dogs heard something in the preserve behind our home and they ran out to the porch to check it out and out of no where, Jasmine started crying....she had reared up and when she landed she had broken her leg, it is 11:30 p.m., and off to the emergency clinic we go.  Once the x-rays were taken the vet came in to tell me that she was full of bone cancer and there was nothing they could do to save her and we had to put her down.  So selfish I am, I fought the process, demanding a second opinion, and counseling from other vets and radiologists, to the point my hubby had to pull me out of the room as I grasped Jasmine so tight like that first hug we shared.  I'm sure it was moments later, but it felt like hours, I gave the word to the vet, by her side, I stayed as my best friend, my companion, my protector, my baby girl laid there with her great big brown eyes staring back at me with such love, as we both said good bye to each other.  Still today, I can barely type this as I cry.  I have lost loved ones in my life, but this was different.  This was unconditional love like a mother and a child, she was my everything and I truly miss her and always will.  With that being said, I needed to do this layout as a dedication to Jasmine Marie.  I think of her everyday and she makes me smile.  I really want to talk about a few techniques but I'm too upset, I'll finish this post tomorrow. 
Now that I have my composure back I'll wrap this post up.  The title to the layout is done with CTMH chip board alphabets, stamped and covered with liquid glass.
These flowers are amazing and easy to make......click here to a tutorial from my March 28, 2012 post.
The cardstock boarder strip is from the Cricut AP cartridge, just covered partially.
The charms are found objects,little tokens my best friend from high school gave me after Jasmine's passing.

Oh....and I covered the tips of the hat pins with glitter glitz, super fun.  My final layout will post tomorrow.  Have a great evening.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Layout Three Album Contest Entry

This layout is a dedication to my father, the U.S. Military and to all the families whose loved ones did not come home to them.  This is page one of layout three.  Isn't my daddy a handsome man!  He looks like a hero, like Superman in this picture.
The scalloped circles are layered one flat on the layout then the next one popped up.  I added hand stitching and a pull out journal tag behind his picture.
Here is a close up of the dimension I added to the layout.  With embossing ink and clear embossing powder I stamped the cardstock with the large screen image from one of the background stamp set collections, then I distressed the cardstock by inking with chocolate and cocoa ink to fill in the non-embossed areas.
Here is another accident, the stitching is hemp wrapped around the brads, pretty cool.
This is page two of layout three.  I just love these pictures f my dad, they show off his amazing character, his sense of humor, intelligence and his loving side :)
Another accident happened here.....after cutting out some stars on with the AP Cricut cartridge, I took the remaining piece and cut out the negative.
Some more close ups.....

And another close up of the journaling tag.
Thanks for stopping by....only 2 more layouts to share....and then I will be showing techniques used and product boards from Extravaganza. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A piece of my heart I share

If you have been following my blog for some time or if you are just joining, you may realize that I am not a very verbal person.  I am a person that likes to sit back and watch the world most of the time, jumping in when certain events touch my heart and soul.  For instance, when I was younger I wanted to have 10 children, as time went on I hoped and prayed for 2.  After 5 miscarriages, and being diagnosed with a sever case of Endometriosis causing me to have two surgeries to save my reproductive organs and lower abdominal organs, my hopes of having children lessened and lessened each year that passed.

In 2005 after such heartache, I was pregnant.....and joy sank into my heart.  Six weeks into my pregnancy I had this weird feeling, something wasn't right....and off to the hospital I went.  Once examined I found out that the scar tissue was so bad inside of me that the baby did not pass from my tubes and was lodged near my left ovary.   Emergency surgery was scheduled as I was literally bleeding to death inside as my tube had ruptured.

Months went by with a deep depression building within.  So I made a conscious decision to have a radical hysterectomy, forever denying me the chance of having children of my own.  As I see my friends and family have children, the depression hits me harder and harder.  As the years have passed I have come to realize that everything happens for a reason, even if you don't understand it at that time.  Today, I realize that I am here for a reason, and I give joy to my family and friends just being me.

And today I have been blessed.  My friend Rachel is 7 months pregnant, I have been by her side since day one and plan to be here to the very end, so much that she has blessed me with the greatest privilege a woman can have.  She asked me to be in the delivery room with her during the birth of her daughter, she has even asked that I video the experience.  If you could of seen my face today as the tears ran down my face, you would of seen that this special request has made me whole.  Now I know its not the same as actually becoming a mom, but it is as close as I'm gonna get anytime soon and I truly love my relationship with Rachel and her family and am honored to be a part of this with them.  She is due September 24....I'll keep you posted with every, well almost every detail as time gets closer.

Layout Two Album Contest 2012

Page One of layout 2:  This layout is about the everyday stars in my life....my family.  I wanted to do a shadow box layout, with a child's view.  I actually started most of my layouts before the rules were published....with the theme of Convention as it was, I figured I could make it work. 
A few techniques were used here....first I needed to make the shadow box, this is actually 5 layers of cardstock (bamboo) cut strategically to make a shadow box....the top layer was embossed with cocoa embossing powder using the wood grain stamp from the set D1477 Universal Backgrounds, then I filled in the non-embossed parts with cocoa ink and then layering all the pieces together.  For the title "Family Values" I did just about the same.  I cut out the letters with the Cricut AP cartridge ( 5 layers), adhered the layers together, distressed the edges and inked them. Next I cut out pieces of chipboard for each letter, distressed, inked and glued the letters to the chipboard to make the printer's block affect.
For the black and white photos, I colored sections with a variety of markers to give them color.   Love this technique.
Page Two of layout 2.
I totally love how these titles came out!  I wanted to show how you could use CTMH products to make products like others on the market, totally, thinking outside of the box!
This was a total accident...I wanted crayons on my layout and the best things that happen to my layouts are always accidents, i just rolled paper and cardstock to make these really cute trinkets.
And then, the best accident of them all, this really cute journal I found in the $1 bin at Michaels that I cut down and then covered with Typeset Complements Canvas Shapes, oh I just noticed the dress for the little girl has fallen off, I made a dress out of the red pleat ribbon.  Here is a picture of what I am talking about.
Thanks again for stopping by....Comments are greatly appreciated. Check back tomorrow for layout 3.  Have a great evening.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

2012 Album Contest Winner

The theme for this year's convention was Stars Shine Bright, so the album contest entry was to be your interpretation of the stars in your life........last year after I entered the album contest at Convention 2011 for CTMH and I took 3rd place and Consultant choice, I had this feeling deep inside me, I really did want to stop until I won the big prize from Corporate...... what the heck miracles do happen, right?  So I tried again and this year to my surprise, I did IT!  I still can't believe I won, it hits me in little spurts of joy!!! All the contest entries were all so amazing, I was really nervous.     My roomie and best friend Tamytha Jenkins also entered the contest and placed in the top 10.  Right after convention last year I started bugging her to enter, and she kept telling me she would think about it.  Well, she decided to enter, she started her layouts on July 3rd!  Yes, I said July 3rd....and she finished here entry on Wednesday, July 11th in our hotel room at Convention by pulling an all nighter. Click on the link by her name and check out her entry, its AMAZING!!!  
 Here I am with the Texas Tenors at the after party event!
And again with Monica, Christine and Brian from Corporate!
 Here is page one of the first layout...for the next few days I will display my entry and share the techniques used.
We all start and end with FAMILY....and that's how I wanted to start my layout, as they are my unknown stars.....if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be who I am today.  This is a picture of my great grandparents on my dad's side.  Under the flip-flap is journaling of just how much of this world my grandmother "Edna" has seen.

Yes, that is real chicken wire....corporate permits for found objects to be used on entries and I've had this roll of chicken wire in my attic for about 5 years now.  I used it when I use to garden, so out of the attic it came, I painted it with rubbed bronze pray paint and then added some gold paint to it and carefully hand stitched it to my layout.
I scored and sanded cocoa card stock for my background paper.  And yes, all these pictures are from my family.  My grandmother is a picture hoarder and thank goodness, I always have an ample supply of pictures for those special family projects.  Check out those bathing suits, too funny.
This is page 2 of the layout.  For the title of the layout I embossed black cardstock with clear emboss before cutting out the title on the CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge.
The baby in this picture is my great grandmother Margaret Young. I just love how the photos have creases in them.
This is my mother's mom Clara Mae Runyan.  This is actually a little flip album that folds outward.
And here is my my mom's dad. 
I tucked a journaling tag behind his picture to tell a bit about his life.  He was a clock maker at one point in his life, so I made this really cool pocket watch with the round foundry bookplates (now a retired product).
Here you can see the detail of the gold paint  on the chicken wire.

Here I am back in my room with all the goodies I won.  Thank you so much to CTMH and each and every consultant for supporting me in my journey.  i couldn't of done it without YOU ALL.
Check back tomorrow for Layout 2