Friday, September 24, 2010

Just a quick post today....Cut and ready to go for Saturday's Scrapbook in a Box workshop. I just love this time of year, but it is definitely a busy time. Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and OMG, Christmas. Now, that my Halloween party invitations have gone out, well most of them, I'm preparing for Saturday's workshop, drafting a Christmas Card and decorating my house for the Halloween Party. Am I beat. Thank goodness its Friday, maybe I can finish my Halloween costume I started 3 nights ago. No this not bridelizza, it a ghost costume. See you Saturday ladies.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creativity comes in many forms and lately, I have been torn in several different directions. It all started with me wanting a new front door. Since I bought my house I have wanted one, the door on my house was the original door from construction and was oxidizing and getting harder and harder to work with and look at. I also wanted a new screened porch with bronze aluminum. In the past five years I have replaced everything in my home from the kitchen sink to the roof, but had done nothing with the front porch or back porch. So, a few weeks ago we were at Lowe's and I strolled over to the door section and being the spontaneous person that I am, I bought a new door. Well, if you know my husband the wheels were turning in his head, he wanted a security door of wrought iron in front of our door, but the security door didn't match the iron work in the door, so here we go. The next day, I called my friend Tony who is a artist with metal and asked if he could design a front screen enclosure out of wrought iron to match my new front door. Now, no artist is going to turn down a custom job and he was at my office in about an hour going over his ideas. Three weeks later, I have the most amazing front porch and new front door.

We are still working on the staining of the door, but just
look at this amazing job Tony did. I literally cried when I saw it.

Can't you just see the fear in my little girl's eyes? Poor thing, she had just got home from the vet's office, she was spayed on this day and I felt so bad for her. Her sisters keep coming up to her to check her out and she just cries and cries. Kimber is definitely the whinny one. If you look close you can see her sister Reese laying next to the crate peeking in at her. Resse never left her side the entire afternoon and she even laid next to her all night long. Dachshunds are very loyal to their owners, and evidently even their own. The vet said Kimber has a very low tolerance to pain, so he gave me enough pain medicine to knock her out for 6 days. Well, let me tell you, the next morning she was running all through the house, jumping off the furniture and playing with her sisters. She was so out of control, I though I'd need some puppy Valium. Her are my girls playing tog of war with a chewy. Too cute.... For the next 7 days Kimber was by my side constantly, on the couch, in bed,and at work. I was so worried she would rip out her stitches I didn't let her out of my sight for a minute. No cone for my girl, just good old fashion mommy love and attention. Her stitches come out this Friday, and I'm sure she is going to put up a fit with the vet. Maybe we'll stop for ice cream on the way home, its her favorite.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello fellow bloggers.....Its me....Yesterday, when I got to work, my first order from CTMH Studio J had arrived in the mail on Saturday and was waiting for me to open it. Studio J is the newest scrapbooking software available through CTMH. Studio J allows you to download your pictures from your computer, select your paper, color scheme, embellishment and distressing techniques. This first attempt I used pictures from our trip to Georgia over the Labor Day weekend. It took about 2 hours to do, since I had no idea how to use the software. Once I got started, it was a lot easier. Studio J is very user friendly and a very economic way of scrapbooking. The pages come in 12x12 pages on photo paper. You can also get your pages in jpeg format so you can share with all your friends and family. I think my favorite part is, that since I'm not a scrapbooker, it really helps with all the different page layout and color and paper schemes done for you. Now, that they are here, my next step is to add some dimension to the pages by adding more embellishment and person items to the pages.

Its this easy:

How does Studio J work you ask?

Just create an account, then log in to Studio J and start designing layouts! Studio J is intuitive and easy to use; there are just 5 easy steps to creating a beautiful layout:

1. Upload photos.
2. Choose the desired themed kit.
3. Select an exclusive layout pattern.
4. Add photos, embellishments, title, and journaling.
5. Purchase custom-printed layouts ready for a cherished album.

How do I get it?

Just go to my website and your ready to get started. Check it out

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Fun, Fun, Fun.....

If you're like me sometimes you and the husband just need some time away from the real word. So, off we went to Georgia for a four day weekend. This is one of our favorite places to go, to just get away and have fun with family. We both enjoy the different things to do. For example, while my husband gets a ton of guy time shooting his wide variety gun collection, I get to shop, hang out by the pool, and spend time with some very good friends and family. Us girls decided for my cousin's birthday, to have a total girls day. First with shopping at a local nursery, having breakfast and then a craft show. The show wasn't to impressive but the Gator on a Stick and Kettle Corn was. After the show, it was back to the house for some lunch "Margaritas", then off to a local Winery for a wine tasting. Not being a very big wine person, I was a little reluctant at first, but I soon got over it. Before you knew it I was really enjoying the wine slushies. Now, if you have ever been in a dry county before, you know, no alcohol sales on Sunday. So, after the winery, we went over to the next town to stock up for the rest of the weekend. The local drive-thru liquor store was an experience not to forget. As we pulled in, I asked where is the drive-thru? Everyone was pointing to the front porch of this building. Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Well, NO, the drive-thru was literally on the front porch of this local bar and liquor store. Too funny. What do you think, I just had to get a picture, not sure if anyone would of believed me. Then it was back to the house for the pool and movies. We stayed up until midnight watching movies with no guys in sight. If you were a guy, you would have ran from the house as we watched Robinhood and Titantic. This trip was well worth the four and a half hour drive.