Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last weekend I stopped by my friend DiAnn's house and she was making these really cute easel card gift tags. While I sat and talked I watched closely to what she was doing. The easel card is really simple, I've done this before to make 5x5 cards, but what I learned was this new ribbon technique to dress up your cards. The tags shown here are for the gifts posted on yesterday's blog. One for the Chinese gift exchange game and one for my Uncle's wedding present. It took about 20 minutes to whip out each of these tags. For the tags, I cut CTMH Colonial White card stock in 2x4 pieces, another piece 2x2, a piece of coordinating paper was cut 4x2, 2 were cut 2x2 and 1 was cut 1x2. Distress your edges, adhere coordinating paper to card stock. Score the 4x2 piece at 1 inch, adhere the 2x2 piece to the 4x2 at the 1 inch scored mark to make an easel. Then decorate and don't forget to use stickles....

For the ribbon, I cut different types of ribbon about 5 inches long, piled all the ribbon on top of each other, fold in half and then folded in half the other way, punched a hole in the tag and pushed the ribbon about an inch through the front of the easel tag. Then taking a pencil I made a hole through the middle of the ribbon and slid a thin piece of ribbon through and tided the ribbon behind the card. Hope that made since to everyone......I'm sure I will be using this technique at one of my upcoming classes.

Have a great day.....

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  1. Turned out really cute. I just love easels. The purple is such a good color.


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