Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas, an exciting time of year for all of us, but definitely for the children. This is my niece Emily, she turned 2 a few weeks ago and she was so excited about Christmas for the first time.

Now I'm not sure who was more excited me or her, when she opened her present from Uncle Todd and Aunt Tamra. Here is her first big girl bike. Since I don't have children, I was floored to find out that this bike in the big box it came in wasn't already together, so Uncle Todd spent the morning putting her bike together with Emily anxiously waiting for her first ride.

And here she is on her first ride. Before we know it she'll being driving...hehehehe

Now, we can't forget about our pets either, see Maggie wanting to play with Emily's birdie from Santa.

Happy Holidays to all and a Happy New Year.

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  1. She is so cute, what fun! Christmas is magical for the children. See Ya


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