Friday, December 17, 2010

Ok, so I was looking through some old photos of cards and projects I have done, to find something to post. I have been so busy preparing for next year, and I can't show off all this fun and exciting stuff until January 1!!! And I found this picture holder I made for my sister's bridal shower a while back. I love to alter things.

Especially items made of wood. Its so easy.

I'll tell you when Rose opened this gift she started crying. The picture quality does this project no justice. Since I took this picture before I learned about proper lighting. I was new, what can you say.

I'll dig deep to find more stuff to show for the rest of the year and maybe, just maybe you'll catch a bit of a sneak peak in the process. I just have to figure out a way of doing it without revealing anything/everything. I know your getting excited by now aren't you......

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  1. It was very nice, anyone would love to get for a wedding gift


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