Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another sad day has fallen upon our family. A while back Chuncky Money our 14 year old sugar glider passed away and tonight one of our 5 year old twin sugar gliders, Ms. Pitter passed away. The cold has been really bad here lately, at least for tropical animals. Each night we bring them in the house and put heat on them... In the past few days Ms. Pitter lost a substantial amount of weight. I was unsure what was wrong with her,and I gave her more and more attention, heat and food and tonight, Todd found her clutched in the paws of her brother Mr. Patter. She will be truly missed by our family and Mr. Patter. Sugar Gliders are very affectionate animals who need constant attention, companionship and love. They are animals that should not be adopted by those who can not give them their undivided attention. I admit that having 3 made it a little bit easier with the attention part, but now that we are down to one, Mr. Patter will have my undivided attention again. We will miss Ms. Pitter, she was one of the most affectionate loving gliders I have ever owned.


  1. Thanks DiAnn. Ms. Pitter was my favorite and this is really hitting me hard. I just hope Patter doesn't go from loneliness. They really need a lot of attention or companionship and interaction with others in their breed.


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