Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Well my camera finally took the big one, which was very upsetting for me this holiday weekend. I had every intention of walking everyone through my 2 day cooking adventure, including posting some recipes. First, I made 2 turkeys and a country ham.

Just look at this beautiful Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake, recipe will be posted by the end of the week.

AND the step by step transformation of my new craft room and Todd's new MAN CAVE.
Not sure if you can even see what this picture is suppose to be, but its my living room with a king size bedroom set in the middle of the floor, and stuff everywhere. The weekend before, I had packed everything in the front bedroom of my home with exception to Todd's man stuff in the closet. So before we could start the room we had to take out the furniture and stuff. Then Todd needed to move the shelves and cabinets I had in my craft room first. Well I didn't think about packing any of that stuff up, since I use the room everyday, what a disaster. Just look at all the stuff that was in the cabinets all over the counter tops.

Since my good camera bit the big one, I was forced to use a spare camera that just doesn't work very well. No flash or auto focus that works properly, so some pictures turn out and some not at all. Now, if you are wondering where the furniture is going, well I'm storing it at my mom's house, probably for the next 20 years. Hope you enjoy. I have so much more to show you, so check back and see the projects underway and I promise to have a new camera soon.


  1. Looks like our house did when we were putting the floors in. Just think how awesome it'll be when you're all done.

  2. How's this project coming along? Did you get a new camera yet?

  3. I have a temporary room set up, and a great big mess in my old room. Hope to get a new camera this weekend.


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