Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mt. Dora Antique Show

Last weekend we went over to Mt. Dora with some friends for the Antique Show. We really enjoy going to Mt. Dora and usually make this trip twice a year, but we have never been for this show. I was amazed as to how much stuff there was and how many people were there.

It was actually a little over whelming. I made one purchase for the day, besides carni food and BEER!!! It was hot and that cold beer tasted so good. My big purchase was 2 antique print press blocks made from cherry wood and copper. I came home and Todd cleaned them up for me and they still stamp.....I tried to take a picture of them this morning, but the batteries in my camera died before I could get the last shot. Will post later next week. Isn't Todd cute, and so tolerant of me always taking pictures of him every where he goes.


  1. Used to enjoy going to Mt. Dora a long time ago for art festivals. Sounds like you found some good stuff.


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