Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Its a sad day at the Pope house. Last night while watching tv, we heard our sugar gliders barking up a storm out in the garage. We thought they were talking to each other. With the cool weather they have been more active at night. Around 10:00 when we went to feed them, we noticed Chunky Monkey wasn't coming out of her hut. Shortly after that we realized she had passed. Chunky Monkey was adopted by us about 3 years ago from my brother, who just couldn't give her the attention that she needed. When we got her she was standoffish and wild. Sugar gliders need at least an hour a day of human interaction, otherwise they get that way. We already had two gliders, Pitter and Patter when we got her, which helped to calm her down. Now, after 3 years you still couldn't hold her but she would let you pet her and she would talk to you at feeding time. She will be truly missed. I can only hope she enjoyed the last 3 years of her life with us, we certainly enjoyed her. Chunky Monkey was 14 years old this October.

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