Friday, March 4, 2011

Where the Lizards Go

Ok, so I really think my obsessive compulsive disorder is rubbing off on my babies......I honestly can't stop something once I start. Its so bad that sometimes I can't sleep, and if I do sleep, I dream about what ever it was that I was doing or thinking about. Well, this week I noticed that Kimber is getting to be more and more like me everyday.

Every time I let Kimber out, she runs straight for the rain gutter at the end of our back porch. The lizards like to hide behind the gutter or inside of it. She goes absolutely bonkers, barking, jumping, I tell you she is really way out there.......Last week she even got her head stuck in the gutter.

Just look her determination to catch those lizards. Not too sure what she would do if she ever actually caught one, but it sure is fun to watch her go at it........Happy hunting Ms. Kimber....
Now, that's one way to floss your teeth......hehehehehehe.....Here is some trivia for you....... daschunds have over 40 teeth in those tiny little mouths.

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  1. Oh! She is so adorable! My puppies love to chase lizards too. My cockapoo cathes them and wounds them. Then he rolls over the top of them. Why? I have no idea. But I always have to check the patio furniture before I sit down for dead, rolled over lizards.


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