Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm running on empty, and on about 2 hours sleep. My nerves were out of control this morning. I prayed and prayed to be safe during the tsunami warning. It was horrible. I think if it had been during the day, it wouldn't of played so much on nerves. Now 10:45 in the morning waves are still coming in every 25 minutes or so. First thing this morning after the warning was lifted I went and got a cup of coffee and sat at the beach. Slowly the water would go out revealing the rocks on the ocean surface, then many waves would come in and cover them up again. The process takes about 20 - 25 minutes or so. After seeing this now I understand what they meant when they measure the waves, 6 feet is based upon how far the sea level goes down and how high it is at the crest of the sea when it raises. I have walked out to the rocks before and they are about 4 feet deep so the waves have measured at least 4 feet.

We were really lucky here, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in California and Oregon who are getting the most damage and to all the people in Japan.

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