Monday, July 12, 2010

What a great day for stamping and making cards. While watching the news the weather man predicted a hot and muggy Florida Summer day and was he right, it was 101 with the heat index. So I dropped my A/C down to a cool 72 degrees to accommodate my girls. The second Sunday of each month is when I have my Card Class and Cards Plus Club together. This Sunday I had 4 Club Gals and 3 Card Class Gals. What a way to spend a day like today, on top of the heat, it began to rain. This month I decided to challenge the girls and make more detailed cards, with lots of pieces. I just know they liked the finished projects no matter what it took to get there. The class ran a little over this month, which gave me the opportunity to show sneak peeks of next month's project, cards
and special projects for a new Open Project Day, which will be held on the last Sunday of each month. This is a special day indeed. Currently, all my gals are into card making, so instead of a crop day, I'm offering a project day. All the girls are invited to either participate in a special project or they can bring along a project they are working on and can use all my fun, fun stuff. The really great thing about this project day is the cost......$5.00 to make a project or for the use of all my supplies, paper, embellishment, dies, punches, you name it, if I have you can use it.

Just look how happy these gals are while working away. After everyone left, it was time to clean up, I literally tossed everything into my craft room until Monday. The funniest part of the day was, my husband and the dogs retreating to the MAN Room during class. When class was over my husband came out and the first thing out of his mouth was, "what is the temperature in here?", he went straight for the thermostat, 72 he said, I'm freezing and he turned the air up. My husband is just wonderful, he helps me set up my tables and chairs and when we're done he helps me clean up, What a guy, he even found Beth's glasses and took them to her.

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