Thursday, May 31, 2012

Studio J Homework

Close to My Heart this year gave all consultant's attending Convention homework.....sounds odd doesn't it?  Homework at this stage of my life, what the heck.  They are conducting a business/training class at Convention this year on Studio J (their form of online scrapbooking).  Now, I'm usually not a scrapbooker......why you ask?  Well lets see.....I have no children, but I do have 2 dogs, and every picture I take of my husband, he has his hand in the camera, well that could be a fun page. So what do I scrap about?

When corp asked for us to do 5 layouts as our homework on Studio J, I was stumped.....ok, I can follow the directions and copy their sample layouts to the T, but whats the fun in that, not very personal if you ask I started thinking.....I text and emailed some of my friends and family and asked for pictures of their children......and I thought what a nice Christmas present those could be for my loved ones.  

Each day for the next 5 days I will post my Studio J creations and explain the techniques used.  Did you know you can try Studio J for FREE if you click here?  Give it a whirl, you'll love it.....I did was so fun seeing my friends and family come to life in the layouts.

Kit: Lucy
Pattern:  Stars Above 
Photos:  1 vertical, 1 horizontal, 4 square
Colors:  Sweet Leaf, Blush, Grey Wool, Creme' Brulee, Colonial White
  • Deleting unneeded photo wells
  • Using text boxes to cover up portions of the pattern
  • Cropping My Stickease borders to make ribbon streamers 
Here's a closer look at the layouts.
Page one.

Page two.
Go ahead have some fun, try out Studio J today.  Check back tomorrow for layout 2.

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  1. Very nice. That's one way to force you to do simple, huh? LOL Though you'll probably do something even more spectacular when you get your pages in your inky little hands. :)


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