Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pins and Needles

When the ones you love get sick, it tears your heart in two.....All weekend my babies were sick, each with their own symptoms, so off to the vet we go Monday morning.  You can tell they don't feel well, how cute are they laying with each other, Kimber (KiKi) propping her head on her sister's.

Now, their symptoms were different, but one was common dehydration.  The end result Reese was diagnosed with Pancreatitus in September and had a major flare up....what a mess.....the vet did the weirdest thing I had ever seen, they gave her a fluid injection under the skin on her back....so much going on I didn't get a picture but she actually had a hunch back for about 3 hours, then last night I noticed that most of the fluid has been absorbed but some had fallen down to her sides so she swished when she walked.  Antibiotics, special dry and wet food and probiotics, she will be fine.
Now, Ms. Kimber, well she's back at the vet this morning having surgery and I'm a nervous wreck......my baby, such a tiny little thing, she clung to me like never before this morning.  Yesterday while at the vet she had a spiked fever and crystals in her bladder which had logged so she was unable to go potty, and of the 4 types of crystals a dog can get, my baby has the one that can't be treated by medication or diet......I sit here anxiously at work waiting for the call to pick her up so I can take her home an tend to her for the next few days. 


  1. Hope all went well with Kimber's operation.

  2. Oh my goodness...I sure hope your babies get better soon. :o)

  3. We're going through a similar type of thing with our Yorkie-Poo. He's already had surgery once and is needing it again. Poor little things, they are so helpless.


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