Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday

I can't believe its been a month already.  While talking with Tamytha this evening I was telling her how I made this really cute gardenia flower and I should break it down for the tutorial Tuesday post.  I found my inspiration from the gardenia tree in my back yard and that little wheel started turning, how could I make this flower with the CTMH AP cartridge?  First start with a sheet of colonial white cardstock and the cricut.  Select the snowflake2 setting at 2 inches and cut 4 images.

 Next, cut 2 of the snowflakes up to the center point between two petals, then cut away on petal of the snowflake from one and then cut away two petals from the last snowflake.

 Distress the tips of the petals lightly with cocoa or you can choose to use no color at all.  I used cocoa here, later in the post you can see what it looks like with no color.
 With the first two snowflakes where the image is cut up to the center point, use liquid glass on the left petal near the center cut then over lap the left and right petal until dry.
 This makes a five point flower.
 Repeat with the remaining flower bases.
 With the two petals you cut away from one of the snowflakes roll the petals for the center of the flower.
 Repeat with the single petal shown here.
 Clips are good to hold the flower pieces while they dry.
 Insert the rolled pieces to fit one into the other.
 Cut the centers out of the three remaining flowers at the bases, make sure to make good size holes to slide the center piece into.
 Before assembly, curl the petals of all the flowers.
 This is what all the pieces should look like before you assemble.
 Begin layering the petals, starting by inserting the center rolled piece through the 3 petal piece, then through the 4 petal piece and so on.
 Completed flower shown here.
 Once complete, cut of the stem of the flower so it lays flat on your project.
 How about this version when you dry emboss the cardstock.

I love, love, love FLOWERS.....Thanks for stopping by.  Check back tomorrow and see the project I came up with using this gardenia.  Remember "Life isn't flat, so why should your art be?"


  1. You're sick! I want to meet the hamster that turns that wheel! Just amazing, as always.

  2. Stunning!!! You are so awesome!

  3. WOW ... that is all I can say! I'm going to try this one!

  4. What a GREAT totorial and beautiful flowers! Thank you.


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