Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Configuration 101

Remember these great findings? 

With the thanksgiving holiday behind us, its time to put together a configuration tray, inspired by Tim Holtz with all the awesome stuff I picked up on my antique excursion this fall. 

Step One:  moving the boxes around and removing boxes to allow for more space to decorate.  (this is the easiest step)
Step Two:  the hardest step of all.....measuring each box for the cutting directions for the paper.....fractions, YUCK, who would of thought that 3rd grade math would come in so handy, what ever, I was counting little marks on my measuring stick, with my husband laughing in the back ground...before he stepped in and broke out his trusty contractor's
 Step Three:  cut and score sample pieces of paper to insure they fit....and label each piece and the coordinating box.
Measurements:  Box 1   6  5/8  x  4  3/4
                           Box 2   3  7/8  x  3  7/8
                           Box 3   4  3/16  x  3  3/16
                           Box 4   5  1/16  x  4  3/16
                           Box 5   6  11/16  x  2  15/16
                           Box 6   3  7/8  x  2  15/16

Score all sides of each piece at  11/16

Step Four: pick your favorite paper, mine is Tim Holtz idea-ology (Paper Stash Seasonal Pack)
Step Six:  cut your favorite paper according to the guidelines and score.
WOW, look at all these really cool vintage Christmas papers in this packet.

Check back soon, for more details.

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