Friday, October 28, 2011

Antique Excursion

Just got back from vacation with my hubby to Tennessee and Virginia late last Saturday and I wanted to share with everyone all the goodies I found on my 20-25 antique shop excursion through the deep South.  My pride and joy finding was this amazing 1906 ceramic doll above, do you notice how her arms are attached by wire so they move up and down......big smile on my face when I found her.

Just look at all this cool stuff.  A 1950's domino, vintage Christmas lights, cookie cutter.

Love this snowman and a very strange tin Santa Claus.

What about this cool Santa Claus tree light.
more and more and more

ooooh, this old stuffed toy, how cool.
Close up of the ceramic doll.

The entire collection.  Now, don't forget to check back in the near future to see the Vintage Christmas Printers Tray and Configuration Box I'll be filling with these great finds.

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