Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Walking the Plank

 Well my brother finally did it.  At 39, just before the big 40, literally just a few weeks,  my brother decided to take the plunge.  Way to go Adam!  I didn't think he had it in him, just kidding..... A few months ago, my mother called and told me that my brother was going to marry his girlfriend of five years Angie.  Yippee.....My brother and Angie live in North Carolina and love the beach here in Florida, so they decided to get married in Vero Beach.  A week before the wedding Tropical Storm Emily popped up in the Atlantic, what a hectic time for everyone.  Family was traveling many, many miles to join in on this quaint ceremony, all the time we were hoping for good weather.

I'm sure you can see by the pictures, not a cloud in sight, Emily was blown apart in the tropics, that's Florida and hurricane season for you.  One minute its here and the next its gone and visa versa.
 Now, I can say this, my brother definitely got my dad's sense of humor.  When I walked up to my brother in the resort, I was a little baffled to see Jack Sparrow standing in the waiting area!  Yes, Jack Sparrow!! when  asked my mother who that was she said the minister.......

OMG, she was right.  What a comical ceremony it was, Adam and Angie are "Walking the Plank" together into their life's journey feet first.
Now, Tropical Storm Emily may have missed us, but that Florida summer heat index of 105 degrees at 8 am. surely didn't.  I'm not sure if Adam was sweating from heat or nerves......I know I was sweating from the humidity for sure.  How sweet, their first kiss as Husband and Wife.

Just look at this motley crew.  All mates to the galley for some grub.
Congratulations Adam and Angie, may you have a life time of happiness together.
Love your sis.....

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