Monday, August 1, 2011

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Quick post today to show you what I made for my grandmother's 87th birthday this past weekend.  My grandmother never ceases to amaze me with her stories of her life.  From growing up on a farm, riding a horse and buggy to school, driving her first automobile, working at a pickle packing factory while still in high school and assembling parts for war planes during World War II. What an full life she had and that was all before she married my grandfather.

I've fallen in love with this new kick I'm on, with these wonderful framed scrapbook layouts.  I decided to do these two layouts to dedicate my grandmother's life on paper.
Notice her report card from 1937, WOW, all A's and B's, not to mention she was one of 2 classmates in the sixth grade.  I asked her the other day who was the smartest of the two and she said "me of course".....too funny.  Not to mention do you see the War Bond book?  This belonged to my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather and their 2 children at the time my Great Uncle Kenneth and my Grandfather Harry.


Now, we move on to my grandmother's children, Harriet, Harry, Linda, Laurie and Charlie. Now, I guess you figured it out by now that "Harry" is a family name, but the real family name is the boy's middle names of "Dibb", what?  Where did those names come from, lol.  Thank goodness I have doggies...

 See the really handsome guy in the upper right hand corner? That's my daddy.
Check back tomorrow for a family reunion picture from this weekend.  P.S. When I asked my grandmother what she thought of her gift, she told me she loved it soooooo much that she actually took it to bed with her and admired it for hours until she fell asleep.  Boy, did that touch my heart.


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