Monday, August 22, 2011

I've been out of it for a bit.  Thank you for being so patient with me.  Two weeks ago, my oldest doggie Jasmine wasn't feeling well.  I thought she had a bladder infection or something like that.  She was drinking so much water and going all the time.  So, I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with Diabetes.  What?  I have to give my dog shots?  Needles scare me, especially if I have to give it to someone or something else.  I'm glad to say I'm coping with my fears.  Jasmine is use to the injections and is taking it like a trooper.  Now, that's just the beginning of it.  Being diagnosed is the first thing, then regulating it is new.  Each Monday I take her to the vet to have blood drawn to determine her diabetic curve.  Jasmine is a 90 pound Rottweiler and getting her in and out of my truck is definitely a chore, but worth it for sure.  She started out with 10 units of insulin, then 12, and now today she is up to 18 units and still not balanced.  Big bummer, since I know she hates getting her blood drawn every 2 hours each Monday.

If that wasn't enough, last Monday, I called the vet while Jasmine was there and told them that my middle doggie wasn't eating or potting right, so off we went to the vet with her sister, Kimber too.  With all 3 at the vet, the story gets more intense.  After an exam and x-rays, Reese needs emergency surgery.  WHAT????  Yep, they seemed to think she had swallowed something and had a blockage somewhere.  Ok, reality hit, and the surgery went on.  Two hours later, the vet called and said I could come pick her up for the evening.  Luckily she didn't swallow anything, but she was diagnosed with a deformed section of her intestines which caused her problem to begin with and that she has pancreatitis.  So the next morning she was back at the vet for fluid injections all day.  Now, all three puppies are on special diets, like clock work every 12 hours for feeding and medication.

To keep my mind off everything going on I tried and tried to create in my room with no luck.  I actualy have 4 projects going at once.  I just can't focus.  Now that everything has somewhat calmed down on our home front, I'm back in my room finishing up what I've started.  Here is the first page of a layout I started last week.  Out with the old and in with the new.......using older and the newist products available with CTMH.  This layout is my version of page one of "Out of the Hat" page 82 from CTMH's Magic Book.  Isn't my grandma cute?  Don't let her fool you, celebrating the big 87 this year, she's tough as nails, with a sweeter side.

Products used:

Roxie Paper X7140B
Mischief Paper X7144B
Bookplates Z117
Filigree Charms Z1269
Metal Accessories Z1403
Metal Assortment Brads Z1366
Heirloom Assortments Z1635
Pewter Designer Brads Z1146
Black Ink
Black Embossing Powder
Cocoa Ink
Instant Memories Stamp Set C1466
You and Me Stamp Set D1495
Universal Backgrounds D1477
Black thread......AND
Cricut Art Philosophy Collection Z1686
Memory Game Box, 3x3 Chipboard Pieces

Hopefully I finish this layout in the next few days once I get more pictures printed out.


  1. Beautiful tribute to your grandma Tamra. Will this be another shadow box creation?

  2. Thanks Annette, nope, I'm actually getting into scrapbooking and utilizing more and more of our great products from CTMH.


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