Sunday, February 20, 2011

Well hello fellow bloggers. Yes I'm still around. Honestly, I had been taking a small mental health break from crafting and was focusing on other areas of my life. Like getting ready to file my taxes......WOW a lot of stuff to get together, a full time job itself, and I'm still not ready. So with nothing of paper crafting to show, I thought I would share with you this cake I decorated for the Valentine Cocktail Party we had on the 11th of February.

The table was decorated with raspberry pastries, chocolate covered strawberries, yummy cookies, hand made chocolate wafers topped with chocolate mousse, mini cheesecake mousse flavored tarts topped with strawberries and blueberries, and more. I also put some mini candles around the table and some mini clear glass hearts, all on this beautiful red table cloth I found at Target on clearance.....A Christmas leftover I think.

Now for the cake.....While on my weekly trip to Walmart and Micheal's, I found these great eatable cake tattoos and said what the heck....Now, I haven't decorated a cake in over 20 years, now showing my age....and I had to get all new decorating items, bags, spatula, decorating tips, and cake pans.... This is a layered cake of white and red velvet mixes. The tattoos are designed for a 6 inch and 8 inch layered cake. So each mixed used one of each pan. While baking I made my homemade icing like grandma makes. The recipe calls for 2 cups crisco, one box powdered sugar (sifted), 3 tablespoons cool water and 2 tablespoons vanilla......sounds fattening doesn't it? But good I must say. Once the cakes have cooled you can start decorating.

The 8 inch and 6 inch cakes are 2 layers one white and the other red velvet. Be sure to cut off the cake tops and dust before you begin the icing. Nothings better than cake toppers with coffee. To smooth out the icing if its not cooperating, just wet the spatula a bit.

Almost done....Now you just need to add the tattoos and decorate the edges of the cake.

Behind the finished cake is a picture of what the sample cake looks like on the packaging. I thought the top looked too simple so I added these handmade chocolate hearts.

Check back later this week for my Show and Tell posts of all the wonderful handmade cards and gifts Todd and I received for our Anniversary and Valentine's day. Have a great weekend.

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