Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fun Things Happen When You Least Expect Them

While on vacation in the cottage on the mountain in Virginia I sit creating the WOTG Club layouts for November using the Clementine Paper Packet from CTMH....... since I don't scrapbook a lot it is easy to do the layouts but hard to come up with titles and so me and "two buck chuck" decided to take a break and have some fun.  Well if you are from the South you will know who "two buck chuck" is and if you don't let me fill you in......

In Florida when I create after work I have a glass of what I call my walmart special wine, but while on vacation I learned a new phrase "two buck chuck" and that is the cheap that the wine I drink is not $2, but is is cheap, what the heck, after a glass who cares, right???  Anyways, this is what we came up with just playing around.

Zinnias.....little paper embossed them.....I used the Clementine Scrapbooking Workshop Stamp Set C1513 and the new mini pigment ink stamp pads in Twilight, Sunset and Honey.  When CTMH came out with these mini pigment stamp pads I sold all my embossing powders, no need for them anymore.....I use the pigment inks and clear embossing powder and I have all the color choices right there waiting for me to have fun with.  First, stamp the images in your favorite color choice and cut around the image leaving some colonial white card stock on the edge, don't worry if it isn't perfect, it won't matter when your flowers are done.
 Next...not a good picture, but those are my scissors, cut down the middle of each petal.
Ok please ignore my old ugly piercing mat....I ordered another one, had it for one week and it disappeared?????  Once you have cut between each petal, take your bone folder and push it down in the center of each flower on your piercing mat, next with a stylists or piercing tool curl the petals of your flower.  You need to cut each embossed flower just about to the center.
 See how the flowers on the left curl up compared to the ones on the right?
Once you have done this with all the layers of your flower you will begin assembling them.  I used 2 of the 10 petal flowers, 1 of the 5 petal flower and 1 of the 8 petal circle flower. To create a different feel and dimension for the flowers ink the stamp directly for one, then stamp it second generation or swipe the pad across the stamp for a more uneven look.  On one flowers I used the star flower.  To assemble use liquid glass, just a drop in the center of the first 10 petal flower, then layer, add liquid glass to the center of each layer.
 With each layer you will push down with your bone folder to give the flower more dimension.
And here is the finished project.  Once dry you can use your stylist or piercing tool to curl your flower petals for more fluff :)  The only thing that could make these flowers better would be some chunky glitter, 
now that's a thought.

Have a great evening and remember to stay inky my friends.


  1. How CUTE! Love the "two buck chuck" story! Love buying my wine while in the U.S. What costs me $17 at home can go for as little as $4.50 in the U.S. Who can resist wine with everything...even crafting, when it is that cheap!

  2. What a fabulous way to pop up flowers! Thanks for providing such an excellent tutorial also--all those photos make it so much easier to understand. I really like this and will have to try it soon!

  3. Love your photos and your technique! Thanks for sharing!!! I love your piercing pad too!!! LOL Kathi

  4. I love your ideas, and I love your 2 Buck Chuck reference! In the West, a store called Trader Joe's started selling Charles Shaw Wines; a decent tasting, inexpensive wine they sold for "2 Bucks". It wasn't long before the public started referring to it as "2 Buck Chuck". I don't believe it's actually sold for $2.00/bottle anymore, but like your wine, it is very inexpensive and the taste isn't bad at all! I haven't had any of it for awhile now, but your mentioning it here brought back my memories of "2 Buck Chuck"! Thanks for that, and thanks for sharing your wonderful talents! God Bless! Dawn McLees


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