Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fall Card Workshop Sneak Peek #2

Today me and the hubby had planned to go to the beach, but mother nature had different plans......clouds and a drizzling rain :(   And off to my craft room I go, my fall workshop is coming up soon and I needed one more project for the class.  Each person will make five cards, five times, so they end up with 25 cards for just $25.  WOW!!!! I know its a great while I was sitting in my room thinking of a project, i started playing with the NEW CTMH Cricut Atriste cartridge and decided to make this cute file folder and five card set for this workshop.....File folder was cut at 5 inches.
 This project is a bit different in that each card has a different sentiment with Casual Expressions stamp set D1525.....while the design is the same utilizing the Clementine paper packet X7156B.

 How fun is this set? 
Now, if you have ever wondered what my room looks like when I create, well I'm a creative slob, a great big mess......funny how I am the most organized, neat, "   " retentive person I know, but when I'm in my little spot of heaven I TOTALLY  let go......and the natural mess in me comes out, LOL.....So to let you  into a small part of my world, here is a super quick video of my mess after creating and cutting for this workshop.......NOW its time to clean my room :)

Have a great weekend....check back tomorrow for my final two cards for the workshop.  Thanks for stopping by:)


  1. Adorable card set! (I had a friend ask me to come over to her home to help her organize her craft room....give her some ideas. She then came into my room and said "Oh maybe you should organize yours first!" LOL Creativity is messy!

  2. So, true!! I think the best part of creating is the mess, if don't make a mess, you haven't truely let go :)~


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