Thursday, May 19, 2011

Celebrating our Troops

Lately I have been contemplating on how I can give back for all that others do for me and I decided to join the VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post 4536. Did you know if you are related to a person who served or serves in the US Military in a foreign war you can join too. My dad served in Vietnam, so I asked for copy of his discharge papers and signed up. My girlfriend from high school has been a member for over 15 years. She's always telling me about the amazing things this group of ladies does for our troops and I have been touch by their generosity for years. For the past few weeks I have attended many functions and have met many new people and I must say they have pulled my heart strings. The VFW is open to the public, did you know that? They do charity dinners, functions and so much more. Last week when I went in to submit my application I inquired about donating probably over a 100 cards I have made over the past 2 years and the ladies eyes lit up....they were so excited about my cards. They have been collecting donated items and have been purchasing items for our troops and are about ready to send out the packages overseas and wanted my cards for sure.

That day I had brought my laptop along and showed them some pictures of my work and talked to them about my passion for CTMH, and before I knew it we were planning a Celebrate Our Troops Workshop. As a CTMH consultant, at times it seems like I have tons of paper left over and enough stamp sets to do just about anything you could ever imagine, so here is my proposal for Post 4536 and anyone else who wants to attend.

Celebrate our Troops Workshop, join to create a personalized Thank You card for our troops. Each attendee will make one card to go into a special package to troops around the world. What a special touch to have personal card in a package you receive. Cost is $5.00 for this workshop coming up in June, date to be determine and all proceeds will be donated right back to Post 4536 to keep the giving back going.

Email me today if you are interested in attending and for more details and check back in a few days of definite date.

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