Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My sweet little Reese had surgery yesterday, so I'm home tending to my little girl. FYI for all you dog owners out there, Hooves are not good for any dog, no matter what size. Last week when we took our 2 dachshunds and our rottweiler to the vet for their annual check up, Reese and Jasmine (the rottweiler) had broken their upper molars and exposed the nerves. Now, Jasmine must of done this some time ago and the nerve had died so she wasn't in any pain and since she is 10 years old we decided to just watch her instead of having the teeth surgically removed. Reese on the other hand has been sick for the past few weeks and seemed to have trouble eating and chewing her treats. The broken teeth explained everything, and we scheduled the extractions for yesterday morning.

I just can't believe I could get so upset about my doggie having surgery, you would of thought it was me having the procedure, and my husband, OMG, he was totally out of control. I dropped her off at 7:45 in the morning and was under the impression that she would be done right away and that I could get her at Noon, at 10:30, I called the vet to see how she was and was told she had not had the procedure yet and they would call me later with an update. So here I sat for 4 more hours worrying and stressing about my little girl. At 2:30 I got the call, she is fine and I can pick her up in an hour. What a relief, I called Todd right away. When I got to the vet there she was all doped up and wanting her mommy. For the rest of the day, I give her water with a dropper and some wet food with her daily dose of pain medication. My little girl never left my side all afternoon and evening. This morning when I woke up, here comes Reese out from the covers with here whole head swollen, poor girl. She seemed fine for the first hour, but then she started crying, only wanting to curl up in my arms, I couldn't leave her sight without the crying starting again, after about 2 hours I finally got her settled down. Here is my little Reese totally exhausted from this experience. I can only hope she forgets this experience soon and if she remembers any of it, that she only remembers how much her mommy loves her and how I was here for her every moment of every day.

Please no hooves for your puppies, they are too hard and do so much damage. I hope this helps many pet owners.

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