Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Valentine Toast

I've been having fun with this Valentine's Day easel invitation. Todd and I will be celebrating our six year wedding anniversary this Valentine's Day and we've decided to have a cocktail Valentine's party with our closest friends to celebrate it with.

I love the black, red and white combo and the fun, fun papers I've picked up here and there.

How about this fun black ribbon I found at Violette's in Lakeland after Christmas, and this red ribbon is from Micheal's in their Christmas selection (70% off the other day!!).

Ooh, and look at this really neat rock crystal like glitter.......Wonderful for the salted rim of the champaign glass. Only 10 more to go......


  1. Beautful Tamara! Love the rock candy crystal stuff! Was that liquid?

  2. No, I used liquid glass and then put it on top to dry. I'll get the name of the stuff later and let you know.

  3. Charmin....the rock candy looking stuff is Diamond Dust. I got it at Hobby Lobby....Tamra


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