Friday, March 14, 2014

Paper, Scissors & More Workshop is Back and Even BETTER!

Hello blogging world....I know I have been ignoring my blog for a while...well ever since my accident and since I learned how to use Face Book....but that is about to change. 

I'm back and ready to craft... yes that's what I said.  Due to health reasons I am now disabled, and have been for a few months, disabled you say?  Yes, you all know that I was in a bad car accident in May of last year, well things have not gotten better but worse.  Did you know that when your body goes through trauma or sever shock you can become depressed, have panic attacks, and can develop fibromyalgia?  Did you know that pain medications and depression medications cause you to shake, develop twitches and studder your words and even at times you can't thick of the words you want to say?  Well all this is what's happening to me.  I have been fighting this since about August.  The first few months of treating with my doctors after the accident I thought I was ok, but I really wasn't.  What was happening was, I was getting worse day by day and two surgeries later, I'm down and out.  The symptoms of the fibromyalgia hit me hard at the end of December and are getting worse as the days go on...I have fantastic doctors taking care of me, I love each of them unconditionally because they are putting me first and helping me.  I sleep most all the time...and have a hard time getting out of bed, mostly because of the depression and the pain, and I'm always tired.  I sleep 12-18 hours a day and I'm still whole life is whacked out right now, but with GOD'S plan I'm fighting every day.  Between my psychiatrist and my pain management doctor they are trying to come up with the perfect mixture of my medications to make me comfortable and even better.....a functioning human being again. 

When I am up I mostly sit in my recliner since the back pain is comforted in that position.  I am determined to get my life back and it STARTS here!  I will CRAFT no matter what!   I will post, I will blog, I will use FaceBook...I will continue my Close To My Heart business and I will grow....and I do it to make me and other people happy....its therapy! The great thing about this hobby is you can do it in a recliner just as well as a craft room. My husband has set up all the comforts of my room right in our living room next to my recliner and most of it is in arms reach! I can type, I can draft, I can sort through my coordinating products, I can cut, I can glue, I can stamp...everything I is great and GOD has a plan and I will follow it.

With all this said...I am bringing back my Paper, Scissors and More Workshops....even better!  This is how it works.  Each month I will create a Master is the line up for the next few months:
  •  March will be Skylark
  •  April will be Lollydoodle
  •  May will be Ariana
  •  June will be Jubilee
  •  July will be Ivy Lane
  •  August TBD with the new Idea Book
The Master Workshop will include:
  •  1 One Page Layout to be used as Art Work for your home
  •  2 Two Page Layouts
  •  3 Cards with enough supplies to make each card twice, so that's 6 cards!
  •  1 5x6 Flip Album Page (You will need to pick up one of CTMH Flip Stand Albums Z1896)

Each Master Workshop will be available for purchase from the 5th of each month to the 25th of each month.  For Example:  March's Kit "Skylark" will be available for purchase from March 5-March 25.

When will you get your Kit?

Kits will be mailed out on the 5th of each month.  For Example:  March's "Skylark" Kit will be mailed out on April 5, 2014.

The What If's:

The Master Kit can be broken down to suit all needs :)  For example:

You can get just the Card Kit so you can make 6 wonderfully and professionally designed cards, which you can use over and over again and which I will permit you to use for classes, so long as you give credit to the designer...that's me, and if you post them on FB or your blog you agree to give me credit there as well.

You can get just a Scrapbooking Kit so you can make 1 One page Layout as a focal point Art Piece in your home and 2 Two Page Layouts for your personal family albums.  You can use my designs over and over again and I will permit you to use them for classes, so long as you give credit to the designer...that's me, and if you post them on FB or your blog you agree to give me credit there as well.  Note:  The scrapbook layouts will be of my designs, or designs provided by CTMH in the Ideas books or other publications made available, including Studio J® Online Scrapbooking.  Some, if not most of the layouts will not have titles so you can create your own once you place your pictures.

You can get just a Flip Album Page so you will have this mini version of scrapbooking as a display in your home.  You can use my designs over and over again and I will permit you to use them for classes, so long as you give credit to the designer...that's me, and if you post them on FB or your blog you agree to give me credit there as well.

And.....the BEST deal is to get the entire Master Kit so you can enjoy all of the perks of the Worskhop.  You can use my designs over and over again and I will permit you to use them for classes, so long as you give credit to the designer...that's me, and if you post them on FB or your blog you agree to give me credit there as well.

The Investment.

Here is the breakdown of your investment for the Paper, Scissors & More Workshops:
  •   The Card Kit can be purchased for $20.00
  •   The Scrapbooking Kit can be purchased for 35.00
  •   The Flip Album Page can be purchased for $5.00
  •   The Master Kit can be yours for just $45.00


Now....I'm not going to make you sign up for a club and obligate you to anything.  We are all adults here and I understand that whole commitment thing.  But I will say this..... I promise to give you outstanding art work each month and a great deal.  If you sign up to for the Paper, Scissors & More Workshop Club you will receive a $5.00 discount each month after 6 months, in addition your entire Master Workshop is Free on you birthday Month and if you sign up on my of the fastest going teams you will receive a Master Workshop of your choice absolutely FREE.  If you choose to join, I will send you a PayPal request each month and your kits will be assembled upon payment or you can give me a credit card on a purchase agreement contract and I will charge your account monthly.  It's your call.  If you're interested in joining the Club or joining my Team, email me and we'll make it happen!

The Dreaded Postage

Yes...I said the dreaded postage, its a killer these days and unfortunately your kits do not include postage fees.  The postage for shipping your kits will vary depending on which kit you pick out, I do know....that if you pick the Master Kit it will cost less than $12.00 to mail that one out, so its only down from there.  Here's how it works, you purchase a kit, I figure out the postage, I'll send you a PayPal request, you pay and then I start working on your kit.  Pretty simple.

Here are samples of the Skylark Workshop, the final layout is being done and will be finished by Monday, it takes me longer to do this than before.

I think that about does it and I hope you're as excited as I am.....Let the journey begin and let's get crafting!  Stay inky my friends :)


  1. Wishing you all the best Tamra. Your artwork is amazing. Love it!

  2. Wow, your back honey, The best part about having bodies like ours is that we can do this as we can, be it 4am, midday or late at night its still there waiting for us. Keep in touch and let us know how your going.

  3. Wow, your kit is gorgeous! Amazing value for such complex art. Hoping you recover soon, take care and do what's best for you!

  4. Wishing you much success in your recovery. I was diagnosed with a debilitating injury in 2003 and found some success with acupuncture...keep it in your mind for pain management and relaxation!

  5. Awe....I am so sorry you are having to through this but...excited for your new journey! A blessing to be able to work at your passion! Beautiful work girl!

  6. Tamra-thoughts and prayers are with you! I've struggled with fibro off and on for 5+ years now---weather and stress are my triggers-and right now? it's off the charts. I've been on and off meds, a hydrotherapy pool and gentle stretchs in it helped (when they kept the water hot--not so anymore). I typically pushed through. Today---I've been in bed. I am to the point where I know I cannot work FT--and am, sadly, in a position where I need to. Considering disability and hating the thought of it. While I've not had the struggles you have, pain is pain is pain. I will be leaving CTMH the end of the month (fired)---but will continue to follow your blog. You do beautiful work!

  7. Keep on the road to recovery! I have fibro - but not from an accident - I can't even imagine. Keep plugging along and do what you love - it will bring you joy. Great layout and cards!


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