Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Baby Birdies

 Before we went on vacation a mockingbird started a nest by our mailbox.  Now, I've never seen a bird in all the years I've lived here actually use a nest so close to where people are daily....and to my surprise a few days after returning home...I found these tiny eggs in the nest.
 and 12 days later.....

3 little fuzzy babies :)
Every time I go to the mailbox....I'm greeted by "little big mouth"...this one is the biggest of the bunch, as you can see, he or she is always the one with it's mouth open....waiting for dinner.
Now, when I check on them...I'm always keeping an eye out for momma, I don't wanna get her mad at me.
Her she is on my neighbor's roof.
And about 2 weeks ago, while home at lunch I noticed a scuffle in the palm tree next to my house and 2 baby doves had fallen out of their nest....momma comes to feed them each evening.
They've made a new home under my craft room window.....I hope they stay a bit longer.


  1. What fun to watch the baby birds!

  2. Brandi and I sure enjoyed your post! Thanks for sharing your fun! Kathi

  3. What awesome photos! I hope they are safe. We watched the progress in a tree in our backyard one year and then one morning, found that the nest had been discovered by a critter (probably a raccoon) and the babies were gone.

    1. Babies are doing great and getting bigger every day. They are in the safest spot, away from squirrels and other critters. I just don't know how all 3 will fit in this nest by the end of the week, they are already propping their little heads up on the sides of the nest :) I'll post more pics as I get them, really hard to get a good picture when you're worried about momma pecking you on the head or dive bombing you, lol.

  4. I love baby birdies! It is adorable how they open their little mouths so big when they see/hear you! at its best!

  5. These little birdies are so precious. I love it when they open their little mouths when they see/hear you. Enjoy this beauty!


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